FRAA art center exhibitor guidelines

The next Jury Day / Art Change Out is July 8th, 9-11am

Our Art Center location in Historic Old Town, 120 Maple Street is the perfect place to display your art. We are proud to keep our walls filled with our member’s wonderful artwork for sale to the public! For those of you that have several pieces to exhibit and sell, there are three opportunities for you. 

Option One – Gallery Exhibit Walls for artwork that will be sold on commission only (40% of the sale price goes to FRAA). This area will include a card rack, pedestals, glass cases, and wall area to display a wide array of artwork. If you as a displaying artist and agree to volunteer 12 hours per month at the Art Center, the commission goes down to 30%! 

Option Two – Marketplace Spaces are available to rent for $90.00 a month, with a 15% commission to FRAA on items sold. Half spaces may also be available in this area for $45.00 per month if a 2-D and 3-D artist wanted to share a space at $45.00 each. The spaces are 6 feet wide, floor to ceiling, and 3 feet deep. The display areas are conducive to all types of art - paintings, photography, 3-D, multi-media, jewelry, pottery, stained glass (we have two large windows in front of our building!), fabric arts, etc. 

To be a part of this exciting opportunity for our members, you will need to submit samples of your work digitally to the FRAA Display Committee – Please do not drop off art at the art center without being asked to bring it in. The Display Committee is looking for original artwork executed by the artist, representing their creativity and skills.

sell your art at the fraa art center

The following are guidelines for artists to practice when preparing their artwork for exhibit at the FRAA Art Center. Artwork not meeting these guidelines may not be displayed. 

  • Artwork must be original and executed by the artist, representing the artist’s creativity and skills. 

  • All artwork should be identified on the back with the artist’s name, phone number, and artwork title. 

  • Matting and framing should be properly executed (see the following guidelines below). 

  • Artwork deemed controversial or inappropriate for viewers of all age groups may not be hung, at the discretion of the Gallery Committee.

  • FRAMING TWO-DIMENSIONAL WORK . NO saw-toothed hangers. All frame hardware to be tightly secured. 

  • Wire to be secured tightly in hangers and sharp ends should be covered with tape or other material. Wire/cords should have very little slack. 

  • Appropriate hanging wires/cord should be used according to the size and weight of artwork. 

  • Hangers should be equal distance, one-third down from top. 

  • PAINTINGS not framed with glass (Such as oil paintings) should be framed as appropriate for the artwork. Use properly assembled frames with tight corners, corner bumpers, and flat hangers (or place screw eye on inside edge of stretcher bars). 

  • FRAMING WITH GLASS AND MAT. FRAMES should be properly assembled metal or wood with tight corners. No obvious scratches, dirt, paint or fingerprints on the face of the frames.

  • Bumpers, i.e. corners made of felt or plastic. 

  • MATS should be clean and well cut with no pencil marks, hairs, finger prints, smudges, or dust. Artwork should be secured properly to the mat and/or backing. 

  • GLASS or PLEXIGLAS should be clean inside and outside, leaving no trace of dust, fingerprints, inside moisture, or smears. (Use special cleaner for Plexiglas surfaces and a soft cloth to avoid scratches. A member of the Gallery Display will be happy to answer any additional questions.