Our mission is to unify and support all the arts, enrich cultural life and stimulate economic vitality in the Florence area!

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​​​​​​FRAA Events and Happenings...

  • The next 2D Art Change Out Day is scheduled for Monday, January 9,  9-11 am​
  • The 3D Art Change Out Day is scheduled for Tuesday,  December 13, 9-10:30 am​​​​
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A Special Thank You to Our Donors!

Art Center Hours:​     Wednesday through Friday - 11:00AM to 4:00pm

                                                     Saturday - 12:00Pm to 5:00pm

                                                     Sunday - 11:00AM to 4:00pm​


​FRAA is a 501c3 non-profit art alliance, and we need your help to Keep it going. Donate any amount.

GOLD $250+

  • ​​​​Howie and Cindy Goldstein
  • ​Craig Shreeve
  • Denise and Phil Tarvin
  • Allen and Elaine Thornton

​​Platinum $500+

  • Peggy and Larry Goodrow
  • Akiko & Rick Marsh
  • Harlen and Caren Springer​​


SILVER $100+

  • BeauxArts
  • ​Debbie Boyle
  • Jane Conkling
  • Kris DeNoyer
  • Claudia Brown​​
  • Debi Ford
  • Hester Grove
  • Bob and Jean Hefty
  • Ron and Bev Hildenbrand
  • Claudia and Jim Ignatieff
  • Kay Lorraine
  • Laura Master/PlatemarkX
  • ​Caroline Mesman
  • Don Munshower
  • Christine and Cruz Santiago
  • Siuslaw Public Library
  • The Taggart Collection​​​
  • Jan Woodford​​